Sunday, March 18, 2007

Corned beef and cabbage aint Cycling food.

I donn't realy know why I'm blogging, Cept that it's 11pm and I cant sleep since after putting in my miles today I just crashed at 6pm and slept till 8pm..... so now I'm up..... What to blog about. Well, Got a phone call last night.

friend,"hey what are you up to."
"I was trying to go to bed"
"come out and drink for st. Patricks day"

after all that, I licked my wounds all morning. got out and road the marina... so the construction workers have the road cut off at the industrial park.... I just hoofed it through all of it, but alot of people got turned back. One I imagin could hop on the freeway and ride to the next exit, I imagin. I don't think it's that far. But if your looking for an excuse to derail a ride, that construction is a good excuse. .... Let me just get to the joke.... Wow!!!! the stuff comming out of my butt after cornd beef and cabbage, Wow!!! on my ride I actually had to check my chamois....Wheeeeewwww. Once I got home, I then finished the Corned beef.... I've been wondering why I'm not quite feeling right. I think I've figured it out.

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