Sunday, March 25, 2007

5.5 hours on the bike today

So, the first week of this good weather, I went out on my 4th ride completely over dressed with no water bottles and put in what was a grueling 30 miles.. And I was to stupid to not stop for water. So I fought dehydration for about 3 days after that. Now every time my lips are chapped I think I'm dehydrated, so I over hydrate and end up in the bathroom, and peeing out all the salt from my system.
Then I tripled my mileage in a week, went from a little over 100+ miles in a week to 300+. and just didn't recover, took a few days off, and tried to make sure I was eating enough.

This is what I ate on my 5.5 hours today.
2 bottles water
2 bottles power aid(or some like crap)
1 cliff bar(200c)
1 package of granola bites.(90c)
2 packs Gu(200c)
(this is where it gets ugly)
1 crazy peanut butter crisp candy bar(this fucker is like 500 calories)
1 krispy cream doughnut(300c)
1 package zingers(600calories)

I've never eaten so much on the bike, and it was good...... Cept my teeth still hurt.

I'm going to start trying to eat hamburgers on base rides, I also may try and stop for potato's at Wendie's... I probably should just try and do the potato with salt thing, but it's not as fun as lining up to the trough with all the regular folk at the convenience store.

The kids and their new hair cuts make them look like "Wet Cats"

Oh, and you can't remake "Escape from New York"

Somone reads Variety, and it's not me. Oh, and this freaky Snake Plissken playground

Ok, Mop Get to bed.

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