Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Damn!! I like riding a bike....

Last we spoke.... There was somthing about "The Street"... It's out of control in a way only I can pull off. And I dont' want to curse it.

But Look!!!!!!
Antelope Island this weekend.....

This is today, Up butterfield canyon.
This is the rapidly melting snow line, There is only about 4 miles of butterfield open.

And the Mop needs a good Clean and Tune of the bike.


The Ghost Ryder said...

Nice pics, I'm thinking about getting a decent camera with high mega pixs what do you recommend?
Mr. Clean


The Mop said...

This is what I would look for, Light weight and optical Zoom, if the sales man starts talking about digital zoom, punch him/her in the face. The light weight will mean that you won't hesitate to take it with you. Best to have one that sticks in a pocket or easily into a pack, since a heavier bulkier model will probably just sit on your shelf... Mine does :)