Friday, March 16, 2007

Who wants to hear about my new maladies??

The big one is that I'm low on salt almost always, I've taken to just putting it in my hand and eating it. I'm going to try a new variation on sports drinks on my rides since I tend to just drink water.
I bet I need to just switch to a more comprehensive suplement program,
besides some minor aches and pains, thats about it. one seems to involve my thumb.

I road to lehi in a base ride today, Lehi is cool. I was looking for a nice burger place but didn't quite see the right place.

So, I have a new cell phone and today I got 5 phone calls I didn't want. 3 of which were from this woman who...... Well, there is a longer story. But I probably have to break up with her. I took her looking at sporting goods, and she kept scoffing at the backpacking gear. I was like, well when I'm not on my bike, or working, I'll be in the mountains this summer. The idea that I'll be eating Pie or watching TV is kind of slim, I'm thinking she just isn't going to fit into the schedual. Even worse, was after I didn't want to go to lunch, she called 2 times till I picked up assuming it was an emergency. She was like "oh, I just wanted to chat." Y'all don't know me but, the last thing I want to do in life is sit on the phone with you. I'm happy to drink a beer, or ride a bike, cups of coffee, fix your computer, weed your garden, But the last thing I want in the world is to spend hours on the phone with somone............ dial tone........

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