Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tragic Scheduling difficulties

Well not really. I'm doing a recap of the current state of affairs in my head(the place where that squirrel keeps doing the Laps in that cage.)
Tragic Scheduling difficulties, I guess this is definatly an overstatement. and it's not on my end. I understand keeping a schedual is not easy, and when you fall off of schedaul it's best just to roll with it and keep things flexable.
Last weekend I had day after day of planned schedualed clear things, Of all the things on the callender, I went one for 3. The reschedualing of the other things has drug out an entire week, well Here I am again, and those things were reschedauled, and now 2 of 3 things reschedualed, have to be re-reschedualed.

So here I am, with free time, typing out my frustrations. I'm getting tired of the reschedualing, seems inefficient with my time to spend 2-3 hours a day reschedualing shit with a bunch of slackers.

I'm trying to read more. Cranked out an entire book this week, It was good. There was a part where this guy was like "I'm a work-aholic" then listed off all the things he did in the day. I was like? is that all?

alright that's enough of my scattered thoughts....

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