Sunday, March 25, 2007


That's a good picture. This was my ride today. Home to nebo... Ugh, it was a lot of miles. The crazy notion of that ride with the climb up Nebo........ um, seems impossible. I've been fighting some over training, y'all know what a freak I am. I tripled my weekly mileage and paid for it, But for a guy who doesn't feel good about his weight, and is suffering near constant heavy legs. I have yet to be dropped.... Knock on wood. I'm going to see how few miles I can do tomorrow. Yesterday I did Grandeur Peak-afoot, almost getting dropped by some trail runner... GD Trail runners. Grandeur is much better this year than last, much less snow. Go!!! Global Warming!!!! if you check my Flicker site, you will get all the pictures.

So, 2 nights of very good sleep. Then I fell asleep at 9 woke up at 9:30 now here I am. Worst thing was I got up and started paying bills, I'm not actually leveraged right now, but I'm completely Up to my Neck in Money tied up everywhere, I could cash some money out but, I'd rather not do that. I have about 4 checks coming in the next few weeks, but I'm going to have to shift money from here to there to get all the bills payed this month. I'm going to have to watch things closer from now on and give myself a little better cushion. another problem this month was I went out to dinner a few more times than I had intended, and I also never noticed how many people don't like to pay their share of the bill. So, you drink $8 glasses of wine(cause your stupid like that) and you drink twice as many drinks as I do, and relative to my $4 beers.... Oh, that's how I end up with a $35 dollar dinner... On my birthday.... Oh, so you didn't bring your purse. You want a $4 MoLatte and a piece of cake $3. All I wanted was a cup of coffee $1.50... My now $9 cup of coffee, Fucking hell(I hope she is putting out) . Didn't I just take you to dinner? If I wasn't such an asshole, I think I'd have better friends.

So, stressed, exhausted, Got to get some work done in the morning.....

Ok, I hate Bravo(yes the station), Sure I hate TV. But I'm watching law and order reruns or something, and I have to put up with all the crappy commercials for their Reality shows. They are all the same. Top Haircut, Best Design, Super Chef. Maybe I'm getting old, but I look at some of these people and go, I'd never let you touch my hair... Look at what is on their head, some combination of Wet Head or Spikey Do. Or some of the worst designed rooms I've ever seen.... And the fact they are on high rotation on Bravo, I have to hear 3 commercials for the same 2 shows every 15 minutes..... KILL YOUR TV!!! ok, that is all the rant space I have.

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