Tuesday, March 27, 2007

on politics markets and world events.

So, that Jackass President of ours, is calling for reduced oil dependence, and he isn't talking about drilling in the arctic reserve. He wants some huge cuts in the next 10 years.... Nice of him to call for this in the last year of his 8 year term. I liken this to when your usual asshat walks up to you and says... "You know what you should do..... All my work for me. Don't worry if it goes bad, I'll just blame you.".

George Bush leads the US toward a policy of unilateral, pre-emptive 
counterproliferation warfighting strategy.

Oh, and the car industry is trying to pull the average wage of auto workers(yes, there are still some auto workers) from the low $20 an hour, in half to the mid teens). For those of you who don't know. When Henry Ford created the auto industry, the middle class was born. Providing jobs for the average American that payed a wage that meant you would live comfortably for the rest of your life. A $25 an hour job means $50K a year.... a $15 an hour means $31K.

For those of you who thought Halliburton was moving to the middle east to avoid taxes or some other such nonsense... the truth was found out last week when they had to account for tremendous losses from trying to explore for oil in north America.... Let me just translate, It's to expensive to explore for oil in north America... Cause there ain't any more. But Exxon says we arn't at "peak oil".

Y'all know what a POS dove fucking liberal I am. Here is where it gets sticky. We have been calling out Iran for years now, and sure enough they smartly get the British mixed up into it. And sure enough we pull out or limp dick and show it to the world. The only option here is to give them a warning then hit them hard if they don't release them. But that could start a war??? I'm thinking the Iranians arn't actually afraid. Since we couldn't get into a war without starting a Draft.......

On other things

CNBC needs more Titty

Microsoft says sales of their new Operating system Vista has been brisk.... They aren't saying profitable, since they have been virtually giving them away for the past months..... Honestly this is showing some desperation on their part, hopefully the I.T. industry will keep showing them who is boss, since the O.S. doesn't really do anything new. Hopefully this goes down the same way Millennium Edition did. After M.E. Microsoft went!!! Oh, maybe we should build a software set that works, maybe that will get people to buy....

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