Saturday, February 19, 2011


When last we checked in on our superhero... he was Perplexed.... by something nebulous... of course... why be perplexed by something familiar that we have seen and know very well.

Found myself sitting at the bar... as one who is lost and searching for something, usually finds himself.... or not so much finds, but this is the place where the lost tend to end up.

"Buy me a drink Sailor?"

"Well I don't know, do you want the 1940's or the 1960's Vietnam going off to war fantasy?"

"I don't know, You pick."

"Well I always had a bit of a thing for that show China Beach. How if you pretend you are a nurse and I'll start talking about how I'm just in from the jungle."

"Ok, but i'm not a redhead!"

If only the conversations at the bar were this interesting. Usually it just involves some barfly talking about how they have to talk truth to power.... AKA telling their Girlfriend that she is being a Whore.

Well there I found myself(or there I ended up), on a friday night... trying to decompress. Trying to sort out what ever it is that has me... Well something has me on the.... "On the dangle". I'm still trying to sort it out, but I think I remember this from before... the answers are not at the bottom of a bottle of beer. Yes one or 2 is nice, helps decompress... but beyond that....

I think you just end up talking to your friends and calling them a Whore. And for the most part... it's all just wishful thinking that something good will become of "Being at the bar", if not wishful thinking it's probably just brainwashing by the Beer and liqueur companies.

This "Bar" dog... doesn't hunt. Most of us find ourselves at one point our another, lost at the bar. Seduced by the thought that what ever it is we are looking for or trying to figure out, may be there. The Empty Promise of the bar.

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