Saturday, June 14, 2008


I buddy calls me today, "Hey, lets go have lunch."

Me, " Sure, I'm locked in a never ending spiral of 24/7 Homage to Tim Russet Tributes."

"I'd hate to pull you away from that."

"well, I suspect that we have a few more days of it.... so, I'm guessing I still have a chance to hear how much he loved Politics and Kids."

After lunch, we decide to go see a movie.

Him, "what do you want to go see?"

Me, "I'm on a streak of loosers, so You don't want me to pick it or else we will end up spending 2.5 hours watching the boring life of some lunatic kid who decides to commit suicide by Alaska"

" How about iron man."

"sure what the hell." I whip out my handy phone, "Iron man 2:30"

"that is too late, what else... How about 'The Happening'."


Snap forward to us standing to get tickets.

Him, "I'm not sure about this movie, M Night Shymalan movies can be fairly hit or miss"

Me, "ya, Every time I go I think I'm going to see '6th sense', and I end up at some kind of 'passion of the christ/The Crucible/die hard.... Hybrid."

"we should see the Hulk"


and when did Edward Norton Sell out? Red Dragon? He can be a great actor, and that is a great book, and he phoned it in.....

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