Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turmoil.... and

Giving an update. I want to write good things. These, I know are not it. I do like to try and write.... I want to really express ideas, good ideas. It's a difficult thing, some kind of line between shitting on the page and Developing a craft. I still wonder if this is helpful. I do apologize. I'm sure these posts are ok, and have their moments. They are more an emotional purge than craft. Again, sorry.

Ya, there is some turmoil. Here I am at 11pm I really want to sleep. Not sure why, besides to get some rest. I don't have much on my plate tomorrow. I probably need some rest. How am I going to rest though.... maybe if I just lay down and rest.

Still angry... but kind of over it. I think I have been angry and besides my disappointment  I think I have had my emotion and .... we will see.

Disappointed.... that is the word.

I'm not happy to have ridden with rage today, I'd rather ride with love or with joy. I sort of tried. it was a tough day on the bike. 10mph winds.. I see many of the guys complaining about it. Fuck you ..... you ... fucktards.

Maybe that should be my new mantra.... ride with love or for joy.

This is all I have.

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