Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ugh was more familiar with death than we are today.

  I'm a fan of wondering, since we are roughly only a few thousand years out of the caves, I  wonder why we feel the way we do. sure over 5 or 10 K years. 5000 years ago was when the Wheel was invented. Does civilization start at the wheel?
 I like to imagine how things were different back then than they are now. I feel like it gives me some understanding on some of our "Modern struggles" maybe even what we term "first world problems". It just seems like in our anesthetized, Sterilized world that we are very detached from death. When it comes we struggle to deal with it, struggle to face it, struggle to recognize it. Death is for people over 70, death is for junkies passed out in gutters, Death is for the poor.
   Many a year ago when we used to hunt mammoth  death was for everyone, Lions jumped us as we returned, even a few hundred years ago 40 years old was ancient. Death came for the young, death came for us all...... seemingly randomly. We were all intimate with death. Ugh the caveman Knew more about death than we ever will.
   Today we have what seems like a luxury, dissonance of our mortality, ... enough disconnection with reality that we can contemplate immortality. Invincibility until our 20's.

That being said, Mortality sucks, death comes for us all.

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