Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I went out and flagellated myself on the bike. Filled with hate right now. Sorry, but this is where I'm getting my emotions out right now. It's not like most the people who read the blog are the people I dislike. To be honest most of you are probably the only people I can stand right now. It's not like I hate you.

  I'm just filled with hate. 3 hours on the bike way out as far as I could stand then back in a 10mph headwind. Soul crushing.... Well, one would hope. My soul is kind of crushed right now.

This reminds me of the whole Sarah incident. That was a mistake. What it reminds me of is how much I want to ride all day or hike then drink until I can't stand.

So 3 hours of bike riding.... Now we will see what happens.

The horrible thing is that to not be able to come up with a better metaphor .... it just feels like the dark side is calling. Like a siren call.....It's hard not to just be filled with a ton of hate right now.

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