Monday, April 29, 2013

Demons..... Redux....better than reflux

One of those days.

I'm just exhausted. Need to take some vitamins. This is really taxing. I'm not used to working, riding, and playing.

Shaking, Chasing, Battling, Being devoured, Tormented, Teased.... By all the Demons.

Sometimes I just forget what I'm supposed to do about them. I used to ignore them, I used to face them and realize they weren't real. Strange thing is they always came back. I guess if they return they are real.... in my mind or not.

I've always said that the only tattoo I would get would be one that protected me from evil. Maybe it needs to remind me what to do about demons.

What do you do?

and a Google search doesn't help... because demons are a metaphor for our psychological demons.

I've tried the gin as well, what I have liquor can't seem to cure.

I do know I'm supposed to talk to my friends.... I tried that. Nobody seems to be home.... 1000 ways to contact people... nobody is there. One of those Ironies... we have never been so in contact... never been so far away from each other.

I think I'm supposed to fight the demons.... I think I have to face them head on..... and kick their ass.

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