Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A start

Things have finally settled down a bit. I managed 10 hours of sleep last night. That was nice. I still have some mess to clean up from the past few weeks. I do now have some time to Breath and to start taking some stock in my own life.
   One of the nice things, and I hope to hang onto it, is that I have that glimmer of "my life" again. That glimpse of my life, the dream life. I have a sense for what my life could be. I'm not talking about some dream Life in a mansion, laying back and have people feeding me Grapes. The fun and difficult life, filled with living breathing adventure and passion. That everyday no matter where you are, one can find joy and passion. Though filled with work and sweat.
   I know that there is just a glimmer at this point.

But like a breath of fresh air.... it's at least there again. Now like a dog on a scent..... lets hunt it down and find it.

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