Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where is the dog?

I'm just going to write and .... do some shit. I went for a little bike ride today and I didn't shower. I need to shower.... I'm hoping it will get me to sleep. I'm also hoping to tell some funny stories about my bike ride today.

Ok, took a shower... hoping this helps. I've had such a miserable time putting any thoughts together. My desire for some Gin was ... solid tonight. I'd love to just be put to sleep, Won't work... I could drink 5 shots of gin, i'd sleep 2 hours and wake up hung over. Else 3 shots of gin and just be drunk until 3am.

My massive case of the fuggets continues. seems like a sort of midlife crisis.... I'd bet that is the truth of my current horror. Midlife.... WTF ... like I haven't even lived my life yet.... and early onset midlife crisis....

Fucking fun.

So I went out and rode my bike, I just wanted to get out. I managed 4 miles. I just logged into strava to find out people threw down big miles today... like 80.... Oh ya... let me put my 5 miles in ... that feels good. I'm not sure strava is helping.... Oh... Fucking Sly has more miles that I do, this weekend.... Nice, I can hate myself just a little more.

So, I am out there. I woke up feeling like a troll and my back had me walking like one. On my way back, there is this nice group of Moms dads and kids.... So, had to drop them.... Nice to put the screws to yourself dropping a guy with a hoodie and a kid trailer with a 30 speed from Wallmart.... Super proud.

Well at least I wasn't the guy drafting off of him.

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