Sunday, March 31, 2013


   I haven't written enough recently.

  How can you let your kid have helmet hair like that. Poor child actors. I guess that isn't entirely fair. Regardless of success they should receive enough money for a college education. With rampant poverty across the globe "Poor child actors" seems .... Like a super 1st world problem.

Well, This was by far more than I had intended to write. Just jotting down what went through my head. I'm lamenting the last 2 seasons of West Wing. They bring up 8 is enough. said the mom was hot. Reminded me that A. the mom died in the first season, actress died of breast cancer Was dating John Travolta....BTW seems like Travolta went of momie figures... CREEPY! In the west wing they talk about the mom not knowing anything about birth control. Again, the "Mom" on the show was not the mom of the 8 kids. Also... How the hell was it believable that dick van Patton dated those two. We really are stupid. 

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