Saturday, March 23, 2013


Exhausted.... I woke up too early. There wasn't enough coffee in the world today.

Somebody called me brilliant....I like the sound of that, little do they know....

I honestly didn't think I could feel like more of a dork... The past few weeks I have really felt like a dork. Some of it is just from getting older. It's one of those things where I wake up and look in the mirror, my hair is long and sticking up and I feel like a baboons bum. The other day I woke up constipated and my back hurt, I wandered around like Quasimodo.... I think I even added various grunts and groans.


  I sat down and watched "Flight" which was honestly an impressive movie. I have never had a movie make me want to both Drink so much, and Not drink. All at the same time. There was a point in the movie, which I didn't finish where I swear, I wanted the guy to find god so badly. I have never wanted a person to find god in my life. Yet, there I am thinking that 'finding god' is going to be his only salvation. Not saying there is a god. Just saying that 'finding god' was going to be his only way out. Not out of trouble, but out of the downward spiral his life was in.

Speaking of which. I keep wanting to work on my writing. I kind of think it may loosen me up to have a drink first. Yet....

I swear I had an idea earlier.... and now it has slipped my mind.

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