Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to write

I've had a few ideas tonight.... I'm pacifying myself with some TV... it's not any good TV sucks.. It's like beer... temporary relief, but whatever it is is still there.

hmmm well... This is all I have for now.

Post script.

Seems like life is going back to regular for me for a while. Girlfriend light, so to speak. Less nonsense twice as filling. It is interesting to reflect that alone, i'm going to be happier. Strange that thought... it's true. I feel like things are more normal... or things are back to the way they were with me. I'd like for things to not be .... in the same old grind.... the same old pre "Leap into uncertainty" ....
It sure was a ton of uncertainty....

well I have work tomorrow... Lets hope my life isn't the old grind... lets hope for a new grind.

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