Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Gardening For Jan

Honestly this is an exciting month for the garden.

Its the only month that isn't crazy, and you can start preparing for the new year. Isn't there a saying about the Key is to stay ahead of things. Well, in Jan... everyone is on top of the garden.

Nothing starts before March 1. Ok.... There is a chance things will start before march 1

In Feb, we get a break in the weather. It will be 1 week or 2. It will be cold, but the snow should be gone, and the ground will not be muddy, but it will be frozen.

Last year Before the snow fell, I prepared a section of ground fore an early spring planting. Unfortunately for you, you will probably need to prepare a section, and it may be... difficult.

This month the seeds will start coming into the Garden stores. I want to point out that Home Depo... May not carry seeds or the managers may not put them out until March. As a nice activity... something to kill the boredom this jan. Go to the local garden stores... Locally owned and operated ones, and see if the seeds have come in.

What I'm going to look for are cold hardy varieties of some things Specifically Peas Kale and Spinach. Maybe some carrots.

Then when we get a break in the weather, I'll be ready to put them in.... And if it Freezes.... Oh well, I had some fun.... But... Remember it will probably Freeze then it will be Wet and muddy. So regardless if you prep the soil in feb, then when it's Muddy, you will be able to plant in March or april. If you don't get that soil ready in feb... You will be in trouble for spring planting.

The other thing is, it's time to start thinking about what I'm going to plant Indoors. Seedlings for the new year. I'll be looking for these seeds too.

All of this... is of course a great distraction from winter.

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