Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our pain

One of my themes this year is that pain, those demons we haul around with us for our entire lives. I've had quite a few in my time. I finally figured out how to ... Mostly heal from them this year. How to ask for help, how to process them.

I've found that there is another school of thought, those that think without them we become someone new. We aren't then the person who we were before. Of course... do you want to be that person. Are you really happy. I guess if you are, and if you are happy and satisfied, you obviously don't want change. Of course.... if you are happy and satisfied, you probably don't have many demons chasing you. It's kind of what makes the demons.

So... to contemplate. If we can release our demons.... will it make us less than who we are or is not letting them go just another way to set ourselves up as victim. Another way to self defeat ourselves. Another reason to just accept our lowly place on this earth.

Sure, some of happiness is to just accept our place in life, to just accept our suffering... but there are other ways. We don't need to be the guys who walk the earth whipping ourselves, just to prove to god that we are willing to accept our punishment.

I'm not sure letting our demons eat our flesh.... makes us a better person...

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