Sunday, January 16, 2011


I don't know where this is going... I had two ideas for posts today. Now I am just exhausted and need to purge some thoughts. Too much going on, around the old Mop.

I think people want some kind of Girlfriend update. I'm actually bummed, Trust me when I say she is a Very Special woman. Also when I say, she has to be extremely special to put up with my kind of special. I made a comment to someone about how the relationship when sideways from time to time. There is a point at which sideways... Well if things go sideways enough times, it seems like the odds of there being some kind of .... chaos are high. If any of that makes any fucking sense.

That being said.... It all got so sideways... at one point... it's tough to live a sideways life and to work on something and have it constantly go sideways. Spending way too much energy keeping things upright. I guess, if the relationship was a bike and it kept trying to ride off the shoulder. I kept trying to get it back onto the tarmac.

At one point you just get sick of it.... Fuck it... if it wants to ride in the dirt... there is nothing I can do. At one point we don't even seem to know that the relationship/bike can ride on paved surfaces... so you kind of let the bike crack and the tires blow and see what the hell happens. Maybe the relationship will realize .... the road is the place to ride a road bike. I don't know.

Worked my ass off the past week, and it will go on for a few months. I should have a few bucks to spend, I would have liked to have gone to southern Utah with her and done some riding. I guess it will be alone time if I go.

I was talking with Nancy. Nancy is funny, she has this long list of things to do. Somebody told me if you can get 3 things done in a day it's good, if you can get 5 it's amazing. Well Nancy has her schedule and plans and a full life.... and gets 5 things done every day. Then she wonders why she has to .... shall we say Decompress or blow off some steam for a bit everyday. ... I'd say have a periodic Nervous break down...for 15 minutes a couple times a week. Point is, if I got 5 things done every day, I'd carry a Fire Axe around, or a machete and a hockey mask.

.... there was something I was going to write about... I don't think this was it.

With all this work... I seem to be a bit more wound up.... I wonder where all this will go. I'll go back to bed... see if I remember.

Remember... you are never too old to go to space camp dude,


Nancy said...

Just found this. Interesting to read how I'm perceived. Probably wasn't meant to be funny but I can't stop laughing. Decompressing.

The Mop said...

Hopefully you see the full and complete love. I can't even date and not freak out :).

I'm lucky to handle 4 things on my table everyday.

You do all kinds of things... life a huge and complete life.

and worry about a few little things.

If I did as much as you do, I'd see a firearm and a bell tower in my future.


Nancy said...

Thanks :)