Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quest for Status

For the most part I've grown up here. I have never been a big fan of Park City... The problem is 'I don't get it'.

Me, 'What are you up to?'

Them, 'i'm going to park city'

me, 'why what are you going to do?'

them, (there are two options here)
Either; 'Going to the outlet stores'
'Going to the bar'

"why would you do that? are the outlet stores a good deal?"
"But if you drink up there, it's another hour to get home?"

"Not really a good deal"
"well, if we need to we can stay"

me, "Well why would you do that?"

Them, "Well it's fun!"

me, "you can shop on the internet and get a better deal" or "But there are better bars here"

them, "But that isn't as much fun."

So, i've been to both these activities.... and seriously it's the same shit both places.

This reminds me of the old "Condo at Snowbird" trick.

Me, "Hey, what are you doing this weekend."
them, "oh, me and the family have a 'Condo at Snowbird' "
When I was young this sounded impressive. Until you get invited up to visit the "Condo". I realized that "Condo" meant Time share on a hotel room. Worse, sitting in the "Hotel Room" you can browse the Pricing for "Condo at Snowbird" and when I was 16 it was a few grand for maybe a couple weekends over the summer.... and NO weekends over the winter.
Knowing me, I'm an asshole so there I am sitting in the "Condo at Snowbird".

I say, "But this is like a Hotel Room"
them, "But it's at snowbird."
me, "but there is just a pool, and a bad one at that, and some overpriced food."
Them, "But it's up in the cool air"
Me, "but I could get a hotel room in Salt lake for $30 and drive up here... and still go to a better pool, not paying $500 per weekend"
Them, "you just don't get it"
Me, "nope"

See to me its paying in order to say "Condo At Snowbird".

Last night after the crit, some bozo was trying to get me to get some rooms in Park city for $40, which isn't that bad a deal. I imagine I could pull off a weekend for $60 or something. I imagine there could have been a catch. Truth is, they were trying to sell me the opertunity to say "Spending the weekend in Park City"

So, the start of Stage 5 was at the "Newpark Hotel" in "Park City" or "Deer Vally" whichever you wanted to say. As I sat there, watching the race stage, It occurred to me that the Newpark hotel, which I'm sure is one of the places I could have stayed for my "Deal to stay in parkcity"... is more a Hotel on the interstate, attached to a strip-mall/Outlet mall(with american-Bistro-like-synthetic coffee shops). than it was "Staying in Park City".

It must be me.... cause I just don't get it... I guess from a couple's standpoint.... it's hotter to have sex in a new place, than the old one.... maybe that is the point. But seriously... I think I can stay at a hotel on just about any interstate... I mean... I'd like one near something Awesome, like The world's largest Ball of Twine, or The largest Bowling ally in the world.... now that would be Awesome.

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