Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please let the Bear/Bull/Hammer Return!!!

For those that follow, it's been an aggressive year for El Mopo. It's very important for me to be making progress and being Productive. So far it's been a good year.

The last few weeks have been a different story. In fact i'm not sure if it's been Two bad weeks or Three, that is how bad it's been. Sure I could try and look back and figure it out... but What if it's been three... I'm trying not to think about it.

It now seems like I have either some kind of cold or allergies or The dust in my bedroom seems to be getting to me. It's hard to figure out which... I just know it sucks, and is hard to breath, but not here in the room seems to feel better.

It all started with a project I didn't want to do. Some Nitwit said "Lets do this"...
I said, "no, Bad Idea"
they said "No Really!! this is a great idea"
I said, "No Seriously You don't have it in you to do what you need to do. I have enough crap going on I can't bail you out of it if it goes bad."
they said, "But it's important."
I said, "That doesn't mean that it's not Impossible."
They said, "No Really, we can do it."
I said, " I think the We... is Heavily Dependant on ME! I don't think it can be done."
They said, "I insist."

Well that project has gone sideways ever since, and worse there is almost no profit potential for me, and plenty of Emotional Loss involved. Which was my reservation... High Risk, No Reward.... It's called FUCKING STUPID!

To top it all off On tuesday My GF's bike went south. Of course this is all very similar, a few weeks ago she said "I think I'm going to do the maintenance on my own bike." Which sounded suspiciously like "You should fix my bike for me.".
She says "Can we look at my bike."
Me, "When?"
Her "I'm very busy! You take it, I'll come over later."
Me, "Right"

The front of the drive train is wonky, the front chainrings want to follow the Rear. Big cogs it wants to be in the Small Chainring, Middle Cogs it wants to be in the middle, Small Cogs it wants to be in the Big Chainring. and if it's not it skips. I know my bike doesn't do that. It makes the most sense that it's the Chain, and that it's warn out. But it could be the Front Rings....
Right, The Front Dérailleurs are for CHANGING not holding it in Gear?
Maybe a fresh look in the morning....

But seriously, it's taking too much time and it's just punting the replacement of most of the drivetrane which is all a mix of shimano 9 components. Tiagra, Ultegra, 105, and a SRAM cassette... anyone spell KLUDGE?.

And all of this..... and what I really need... what the Heavens need to open up for me... is about 4 weeks of Really good work.

Welll *cough cough cough Sneeze Snot Hack Phlem*

It's hard to get Psyched about TOFU.... Sorry Kids.... I am following...

Go T-mac!!!! I think about him all the time... and he was a ton of fun last year at TOFU... He is missed...

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