Monday, August 16, 2010

HTFU. Sometimes you are a Super Hero, Sometimes

You are just a dork in tight clothing and a stupid hat. After a month of trying to make it over the north side of Suncrest then up Alpine loop. I finally made the journey last saturday. That was nice, but after getting dropped on the climb up suncrest by 100 yards, and having some SkiUtah Couple smoke me up Alpine, I didn't exactly feel like the hammer.

It's been a long few weeks.... Seriously Long. Like I've been saying, shit is going to change or Something is going to break. Well, things are close to the breaking point. I tell you what, there is nothing like an understanding Girlfriend, who says "Listen Buster!!! Don't you Withdraw from me! Tell me about it, so I can help! or at least give you a hug!"

Of course none of that makes things .... easy, right now. It does help. I guess it is time to do what I can to create a more Stable life, or a more stable.... day to day existence. hmmm... I guess I'm going to try and get in a pattern of writing every day. I'm not sure i've said it, but I want to try and write something and get it published. I'd at least like to start by writing something that I'd like to "Submit" for publication. I guess that is the first step. Sure it will get rejected or whatever, but it sounds like fun. Quite a few people tell me that though i'm almost functionally illiterate, with my writing, I can turn a phrase from time to time.

I may have a sinus infection.... See how well I write!!!

Tour of utah starts tomorrow. Ya... I don't have much planned, I'm not even sure how much i'll manage to watch. Kill it guys!!!

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