Sunday, August 22, 2010


I had another encounter this morning... Like many people, I was able to access beverages on the Tour of utah's hospitality, this weekend.

This morning.... it was seriously a "Race start" which means... Nothing is going on; but a sign in warm ups and a little parade. At Race starts, it's one place where you will guarantee yourself the inability to see any "Racing"..

But... It was early, and I was out late, I went for a cup of TOFU coffee, and got hand slapped... Ok.... sure I deserve a good hand slap... for many things... I'll admit it. But... It's rare that I get one for getting a cup of shitty coffee.

There was some woman "Cock Blocking" the coffee.
me, "I just want a cup of coffee"
her, "Do you have a pass"
me, "Yes"

ok at this point my cup of coffee was full.

Her, "that pass was for yesterday"

Me, "Nope, its for today and yesterday, that is how they broke them down." Both Park City events for my pass, are the same one.

Her, "Really, they don't tell me anything"

Me, "sure, read it.... bla bla bla sunday morning"

Her, "ya, they dont' tell me anything"

me, "if you don't know anything, why did you stop me? I mean sure.....But All you have is coffee and some shitty day old Danish. Seriously... nobody important is coming this morning, they are tired, and are going to snowbird. Only the True believers are here at the start. AND SERIOUSLY... ITS A CUP OF GOD DAMN COFFEE i DRINK 40 OF THEM A DAY... SURE STARBUCKS SELLS THEM LIKE THEY ARE MADE OF GOLD.... BUT FUCK.... i DRINK TWO POTS A DAY..... AND IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF MY WAY... I'LL CHEW YOUR FUCKING ARM OFF!!!!"

(OK, i'm embellishing here... I just wanted to kill her for Cock Blocking me from the coffee... and from the look of her... she needed to stop with the cock blocking and let a few in!!!)

after this incident, I had watched and I didn't see anyone else able to get coffee. I do suspect that the coffee at the start of the event was ..... ornamental only.


ANDROID said...

Only a weak minded person with a power trip would gargoyle the coffee pot.

The Mop said...

what is mindblowing, is that they paid her $15 an hour or something to do it.
So... for $20 I suspect the Tour of utah could have made some folgers and just given it out for free.

ANDROID said...

What is this country coming to?

The Mop said...

$5 cups of coffee?