Friday, August 06, 2010

Hello Blog

I'm not sure what I'm going to write. A little insomnia, I'm completely worked. Sore legs... the whole bit. I took a few more Ibuprofen hopefully that will help. Either that or there is an impending Crap. Sure, there is always an impending crap... I just mean one in the next hour.

I wish I knew what was keeping me up. There were thoughts about old jobs... Old projects. Usually there is some thread some "Unresolved thing". This was about turkeys. It was thanksgiving and they gave us frozen turkeys. They had them in the Break room in the refrigerator or freezer. I didn't grab mine because... well if it was sitting in my car it wouldn't be refrigerated. I left it and some schumuck grabbed it(Probably the Supervisor). So they ordered some more, and said "Well if we don't eat them, we will donate them to the shelter."... When the new ones showed up I said "Ya, I'm good with mine going to a shelter." At thanksgiving the grocery stores just about give away turkeys. $3 for a whole bird. Well some schumuck grabbed all of them again(Probably the supervisor). Suddenly they wanted to get more(probably the supervisor). So I'm sure he had 12 of them in his trunk. I hope they made him sick, not being refrigerated for the rest of the shift.

And that was keeping me awake...... There were some other things.. but just about as lame.

Umn... I made a comment about how I wanted my life to be different. I guess all the blog readers know this. It's certainly more than having a Great Girlfriend... Which I have BTW... and I'm not just sucking up because she reads this.... I promise.

I don't.... WANT.... I gave that up years ago. I know that what ever we get... is going to be different than what we want. So why bother.... I don't know... seems like at one point... at this point I gave up... just a bit. It seems like that "Wanting" is what drives most people. I just think it's pointless.

Well, I'm going to try and go back to bed... or take that crap I was talking about. The Gardie Jackson thing was super funny... Great that it was so important for him to keep saying "This is all a Joke"... I mean seriously... we( or someone else) show him all that love... and he thinks it's a joke... (see, now this is a joke). And seriously Sandy... Put some conditioner in your hair, get some Color in there... and you could be brothers.

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