Friday, May 16, 2008

Where was I..

So... I woke up at 1:30 am, tried to make it back to sleep and it looks like it's not going to happen.

Unfortunately this means I'll be irritable and exhausted all day, but it's Friday and that isn't unusual. I watch a lot of CNBC these days, Just for those of you who don't manage your investments.

  1. You are a fool. There are Millions of Investors, Wall Streeters, Bankers, Government Officials, that are picking your pocket every day. If you ever wonder about why you work so hard and never get ahead; well, most of that is your fault, and then those people who are good at it, are literally picking your pocket in little drops every day. You need to be as Literate in your investments, as you are in how to run your cell phone.
  2. Lies Lies Lies, 90% of... Wait a minute 20% of what people hear are Lies, and 70% of what you hear is people who believe those lies, and are repeating them.

I'm on this Current personal Theme about Ignorance, Part of which is that I even need to be open-minded to the Lying bullshit, that flows in our information Flow like Feces from a person suffering from E coli.... So, I watch CNBC, sometimes. BTW Light Sweet Crude is trading at $125.17, and Brent crude $123.84. I believe that near term, oil is not going to get much more expensive, as is gas, We may see that $4.00 gas this summer, but that will be a function of gas demand and not oil price.... there are possibilities of some better outcomes, for gas prices, and by that I mean Gas actually going down.... Part of this theory was that I heard $200 oil, last week and this week it's $800.... ever heard of irrational exuberance..... Ever heard of markets can stay irrational much longer than I can stay solvent....

Though, if you are one of those crazy people who would like to see fewer cars filling your lungs with Vile Shit on the Road, and us being forced to have a real Come to Jesus, about Renewable Resources, you may want to root for that $800 barrel of oil... Regardless of the Near Term Armageddon it could cause.

Back to my Ideas on ignorance. Its new to me that I should give some opportunity to listen to people who I believe are blatantly lying to me... The reason why? because when I figure out what some people "Want me to Believe", it gives me a better grasp on what is actually going on...... The Lady Doth Protest, Too Much!!!

I'm trying to post something to this blog every day, and hoping I can come up with some food for thought...... Without doing readings from... The Way of the Bodhisattva, Wallstreet Journal, or Wealth of nations...... Yes, that is the Purgatory of my Reading List.

Hey Sleevie, Drop me an E-mail... Thought I had your email... and I don't themopinator et

Light Sweet Crude 125.15

Brent 123.75

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