Wednesday, May 28, 2008

French open

... As we know, Tennis is one of my favorite games. The french Open starts end of may, then we have a pause mid June, then Wimbledon, Then The tour, then a pause, then the U.S. Open....

Well.... My Girl Justine Henin Retired a few weeks ago.... I'm absolutely heart Broken. Her reasoning was that "she wanted to be a Woman", apparently playing tennis was inconsistent with that thesis. Seems like you can have a kid, till you are 35... or longer, Seems like if the problem is your not getting laid, you should probably just put out more...

Here is my bitch, there are 2 parts to a great athletes career, becoming a champion, and then dealing with the Decline, and fighting to stay on top, or fighting to come back... It's a very amazing thing.. but quitting when you are top, robs us from watching the second half of a brilliant carriers... And the Real Grace of a Champion.

Also, if you have Dish, the Tennis channel does the coverage of the french.... it starts at 3am, and in the early rounds they run 6 channels, 5 are a raw feed from the courts, so you can catch any match being played, your favorites... as opposed to whatever Sharapova, or Nadal are doing. And it gives you a chance to watch as all the Americans who can't play on clay, get their brains stomped in in the first and second rounds.

That is all


TBS said...

Return of El Mopo!
Sweet. This might just put some wind in my own blog's sails..

The Mop said...

That would be nice.... But, I'm exceptionaly Rusty.... and lack imagination.... but other than that... I'm bloggng.