Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I sometimes hate this stuff.

So... I blew a spoke and have neither a replacement wheel, nor spoke... and I can't even find a proper spoke... so I'll probably be rebuilding the wheel...."My First"...

I talked to the people who MFG and who sold them to me... they were like "Ya.... You need a replacement."

"Really? I didn't realize that I needed to replace a broken spoke. Thanks for the help. Where do I get one?"

"oh... you are going to have to find a substitution, probably."

Something I love about Blogs, is it gives us an opportunity to share Stupid little idiosyncratic things about our lives. And for the most part Get some Validation that we aren't "Total" freaks. and that though we are all different, we aren't all that different, we all suffer in our own little ways.

And... It's really Beautiful... and amazing that this silly technology sort of morphs into such an amazing thing... Which is more a tribute to humanity, than it is to the technology...

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