Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life in the Teeth

... I just read some great blogging, that made me want to post something.

I know many of you are not that familiar with what I've been up to for the past year plus, It's not worth getting into, nor is it that interesting. So, I'll not drone on.

For as long as you have known me, I've been trying my best to .... Improve my life, or make my life more... satisfying. Maybe this is just all our goals, and a Windmill we all charge at Daily. I'm not psyched to spend much time waisting away watching Sit-Coms or playing video games... I do see it as waisting my life... Though I've caught a good episode of Scrubs or played a few hours of a game or two... Just when I need some "numb mind" time.

This last week was a tough one, I had more things to do, that I could fit into the 16-20 waking hours of my days, and beyond that There was enough Stress that I always worry about my health. And as is my life, I had more people trying to get in my way, than trying to help.... Why don't people get that, are they so self centered that they don't get that we need to be of Benefit to each other, and that if we have a purpose in each other's lives, it's to help one another out...

and yet in my life..... There are just people out there who are filled with "I can't". It's just when they offer help, you realize you will spend every moment saying " now put your right hand on the Spade and then drive it into the dirt... Yep with both hands, now place your foot on top and push into the dirt...... About 10 minutes into this I realize, I may as well just do it for myself... Then they are all "well, you won't let me help you."

and that They have to figure out what they can do, and ask enough questions to realize what they need to do next. Just take some ownership of their actions, and what they are trying to accomplish... but of course all of this is why they can't get it done in the first place.

and to be honest, most people I find are defeating themselves, even they don't know why or how. It's not like I actually give a shit, why "You Can't", But don't doubt, I'm not interested in having you continue to hinder me getting stuff com pleated. Because apparently its also my job to figure out what your fucking dysfunction is as well.

For me, Life is a series of episodes of Kicking life in the Teeth, to try and get things done.... since that is who I am, I'm the guy who gets the job completed.... But ask yourself, if you're the person just going through the motions, and Leeching the Blood Sweat and Tears, off of those of us who literally have to kick their way through all the self created obstacles we create both for ourselves but also for the people around us.... Because yes I have those Daemons too, but I battle through mine........

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