Friday, February 23, 2007

It's like quitting, but different.....

So, this is the third thing I've typed up for blogger......... My skills at posting are not what they used to be. Oh, down 3 pounds :) Starting to feel strong on the bike again..... All this racing going on. I'd talk about Valley of the sun, but there are no posted results.... Sounds like everyone did unbelievable, Nate, Jrad, Norm, Sandros, Hardwood. I do wish I had complete results... very bumbed the only results they finally gave out were just the pro 1 men.

Well, I'm getting into Ultralight backpacking, which is backpacking with a baseweight(pack minus consumables(water, food, fuel) under 10 pounds, and a packweight(includes consumables) under 20pounds. There is some lameness on how it's counted(convenient clothing counting) . The Keys I think are going to be, mastering cooking, and a good shelter. Apparently there are these things called Tarps??? and you can sleep under them instead of a tent. Seems fucked up that a big piece of plastic is so expensive, Specially since they are roughly square. I wonder if there is a more reasonable solution for a piece of plastic and some rope.... Wait a minute, I have an idea.... I can buy a tarp, and some rope....... That's just crazy talk, you would have to be major Crafty to do something like that. I wonder if I can find a friend with skills like that, maybe the kind of guy who makes a greenhouse in his back yard kind of skills.... hmmm maybe he can manage a tarp and some rope.
Granite Gear Northern Light

So, this isn't that hard.
sleeping bag 3lbs
tent 3.5 lbs
thermarest 2 lbs
pack 3lbs
Rain gear 2lbs
warm jacket 2 lbs

total is roughly 15 lbs, and that's using over the counter gear.

I want to test some cooking systems not only some stoves. I also think this will be the year I learn to make cornbread(Master is probably what I'm after, cornbread isn't hard. but on a camp stove...). The idea would be come up with a cooking system. to make some coffee and some cornbread. So, if your hiking and you find some crazy guy making a pot of coffee and some cornbread, come by for a cup.

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