Thursday, February 08, 2007

I just ate Julie's Toffee......

(If you know what I mean, *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*)

Where to start, Where to start............ It seems like I stopped blogging a year ago, not just one month ago. Maybe this just goes to show the lack of lucidity of the o'l mop. More to that point would be the tremendous disturbance I have felt in "The Force" tonight. I actually do believe in a sort of global conscience, so it's not so unlikely that I've been on the minds of many of you and have felt it over here in the bat cave. Not only did I decide that I had best make an additional batch of toffee to replace the toffee I am still have to get out to Julie, and some others. I also decided to rent Modigliani, which for unannounced reasons reminds me of this blog.
I was actually out tonight having one of my "wing" nights, and had a few beers.... Well enough beers that I woke up at 2am and am/was nursing myself back to sleep while reading some blogs. In fact I was glad tonight I didn't have Julie's phone number in my cell phone or I would have drunken dialed her.........

here is how the phone call would have gone....

*ring ring*
Her, "Hello"
Me, "Hey, Baby."
*Dial Tone*
*Ring Ring*
Me, "We must have been disconnected."
Her, "No, it's just that no one calls me 'baby'".
Me, "oh..... Sorry, I've just always wanted to call someone 'baby'.None of my girlfriends have ever let me."
Her, "Well, your batting 1000."
*Long Pause*
Her, "Are you Drunk?"
"Well, I'm calling aren't I."
"Ya.... Ummm I'm sort of settled in for the night, and am about to hit it, and no you can't come over."
"hmm... I guess we just don't have anything to talk about then do we."
Her, "Ya, probably not, And Um...... Next time, don't call me, I'll call you."
*Dial Tone*

it's also possible this was very like the phone call I made to a different woman tonight, or maybe she called me. But since I woke up alone, I suspect it was the former rather than that latter. Damn... Only a month, well I've been working my ass off and it's made time get a little skewed. And unfortunately the work has yet to bare much fruit financially, But alas that's the way it goes.

Just a quick update on my silly life, like all 'real' cyclists this winter I've managed to gain 10 pounds, and the toffee won't help. I've been very hit or miss with my workouts since X-mas. Averaging 2 a week and out of control eating. Some of this I attribute to a heinous work situation. But excuses are like assholes....bla bla bla..... Now I'm back to every day workouts, and well... Sorry Sleevie, but I too can do 3 hours on rollers. It does require a decent movie, that doesn't require any concentration. Since all my concentration is required for the rollers, as numerous injuries have attested to.
I'm amazed at how busy I am with work, I guess the difference may be not saying No, but yes. I've been doing some graphic design as well, which..... I hate, because it's time consuming. No one wants to pay for all that time..... How about blue... Hmnnnn No red..... Damn... What about dark Blue.... hmmm what about Light Blue... 40 variations later, you have a client that goes.... Na... How about something else.

I have my early spring seeds, and am hoping to try planting my first row of peas and some greens within days. My seedling seeds are on their way and I should have them started very soon.

Regardless of this update, I am unfortunately enjoying my egress from the blog. My reading of many of my old blogs is very limited, I may take some time and catch up on a few of them tomorrow. Sorry if anyone has tried to get my attention and it hasn't been forthcoming. It's just part of my process.

Be good to each other.
One love....


J-Funk said...


You're back!


Crystal said...

i tend to get drunk with my friend steph. we have made a deal with each other to go straight to bed when we get home. if not, we will be drunk dialing. they go like this:

Me: Let's call Kevin!
Us: hey, Kevin, you wanna have a threesome?
Kevin: you two again?
Click - Kevin hnags up the phone

Me: Let's call T.O.!
Us: hey TO you wanna have a threesome?
T.O.: Teases
Click - T.O. hangs up the phone

Me: Let's call Daryl!
Us: Hey D! Wann have a threesome?
Daryl: Sure I'll be over in ten minutes.
Click - Steph and I hang up and lock the door.

We never really expect anyone to take us up on it!