Friday, July 12, 2013

woman with the tatoo

 Enter woman on the edge of being a white trash crack head. Putting her life back together... She gets a tattoo of all her children's names.
"see I love them so much I have had their names tattooed on my back", she says.

Little do you know she lost the first because she couldn't provide food and left her at her mother's house for weeks at a time.
Little do you know the next two she gave up for adoption, the new parents deciding not only to refuse to allow the mother any contact, but also the grandmother. Regardless of their declarations of love. Grandmother abandoning all three of her kids at about 12 years old, mostly because the kids poor behavior was interfering with her finding a decent man... Of course dad ... both of them were pedophiles. But... she loves her kids. CPS took those two after abandoned them to go on a crack binge with dad.
  The next two... well after managing to stop cps from taking them. Dad and his father decided that 3-4 years old was good enough to satisfy their sexual desires with the young girl.... Those two children are now with dad's mother. Tattoo woman's mother exclaims with no irony, "but she is the one who let her kids get molested in the first place".....

The jaw dropping irony... the kind that can only make you sit stupid and drool.... "I know how to be a mother!!!" but two of your kids are in jail for felonies... and being child molesters....

She couldn't take care of her kids, couldn't feed them, Couldn't keep them safe, couldn't be bothered to watch them on the weekends.... but she loves them.... She has a tattoo.

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