Friday, July 26, 2013

Story... Office Depo

  This is seriously my life. This is what it is like to be me. You have to remember that my job... everything I do is centered around Fixing things. There is no bullshit with me. It is broke... it gets fixed. I do it as quickly and cheaply as possible.

   I needed an adapter for my stereo. I ran off to target, where I couldn't find it. The I delved into one of my local office depo. OH I hate that place. It's great if you want some paper... or ink. I walk in and sure enough there is the vulture sitting there
"Can I help you?"
My first instinct is to say "No, there is almost no fucking chance you can help me in any way.". Only today, and evil smile crossed my lips. Today I know the exact name of exactly what I want. "Sure, I need an 1/8 inch TRS connector which is the same as a headphone jack, to an RCA connector which is also known as a stereo component connector, do you have that?"

Confused... bewildered.... She said... " I don't know"

I said "now could you show me the various places connectors and audio stuff may be"

"well, here and here", she said as she asked the manager, if they had any 'audio stuff'

I said, "well is there anywhere else they may be?"

"no, but they say we don't have anything like that"

I replied "well if you don't mind, can I still look around... just in case you know... maybe you have it... and don't know it" I wanted to say 'just in case you are as totally incompetent as I think you are.'

I wandered around... found exactly what I needed. Walked up to the front counter where she was 'found it', I said.
"oh good", she said
"sure am glad I kept looking, you could have cost the store a sale"

It's ironic that there are these idiots sitting there at work. Trying to help the store... yet... there they are Losing the company money..... "can I help you?", me "you can't even help yourself"

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