Sunday, July 14, 2013

Harry times

I had to look up "Harry". It's a great word.

I'm oozing Beer and wing Sweat, what a charming visual that is. This blog ... it's for all the things I can't say. Maybe my goal should be to not have things that go on in my life that I can't say.

 My intent last night was to just drink some Gin and then go home. Some things escalate when they shouldn't or maybe they should have. Hopefully I just needed a good purge. Hopefully it's done. Not like anything happened. There was beer and wings that were too hot, and a conversation with some nice woman. Some times, for whatever reason the idea that some night drinking, got out of hand, brings frightening images to mind. I've never had a night like that, worst case is a night where you end up puking behind a dumpster. Series of awkward conversations, mostly where your breath smells so much of beer nobody wants to talk to you anyways..... Regretting every moment after the point you said "I'm going to go out".

My intent this morning was to get up early and ride my bike, feel like I'm not a lump of 200lb shit. Like I"m trying to become athletic..... I hiked for 4 hours yesterday, that was brutal. I wanted to get up this morning and ride my bike and maybe take it easy today.... maybe love myself some... Now here I sit, sweaty... indigestion... wanting to just go back to sleep for a few hours and feel better then....

I have to remember what I learned as a kid, nothing good ever happens at a bar.

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