Friday, January 01, 2010

Where were we?

... It's been so long. Y'all don't understand the stress I've been under for the past... Seems like a Decade. I'm very surprised my hair isn't white at this point. The market is like a war. Yet, if you play it like a game, it's not that complicated.

I've learned so many things, so many amazing and eye opening things. I literally have no idea how these dopes that seem to be at the head of things have stayed there so long. So, many fools and morons; filled with mythology, illusions, and an entire lack of intellectual integrity or curiosity. People who effectively bounce around like pin balls from one bumper in the great pinball game to another.

My brain is so scattered, but with the holiday I've had a chance to rest... Rebuild the old synapses. I've been tempted to write some short stories. I have a bunch of ideas, I think it would be fun to get some of them published, or at least try.

So, the horror show is this;

Seems like I'm on a 'Rebirth' for a new year, I refuse to have it be a new years thing. Yet it feels like it's game on. Time to get back to Salads and Coffee and Soup... and a need to earn my dinner.

Feels like a new age for "The mop" and whatever persona's I decide to play in this game we call Reality.

But what I really need;
Are some Converse Runners!

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