Saturday, January 30, 2010

Late, on a saturday night

My girl Justine was beaten at the Australian Open. Even more than wanting her to win, what I would like is for her to enjoy herself. No more, sad face Justine.

When she quit she said,
"I cannot play one more tournament,
not one more match,
not one more set,
not one more game."

And she gave it up.
On her return, it seems like she wants to enjoy herself, and I'd love to see it.

I'm sitting here, nothing on the TV.... what was I going to whine about...

I found out last week, I'm just about persona non Grata with a group of former associates. I found something out, and called some of them to see what they knew about one of the people in that group. I tried to contact 6 people, not one of them got back in touch with me, after leaving messages. Tip to toe a bunch of jackasses anyways. Honestly, it looks like a place I used to provide services for, is working on collapsing, this was why I left. I wasn't about to keep them going at my expense. Which was why we parted ways, "Can't you just... Not eat, that would be easier than us, knowing how to run a business, You should just provide free services to us... That is easiest."

What goes through you people's heads

well that post went no where....

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