Thursday, January 28, 2010

Head Banging

I'm going to sit here and bang my head against the Keyboard, see what happens. J.D. Salinger died yesterday. What you may consider odd is that I actually like Franny and Zooey better than 'Catcher in the Rye', I suspect it's because I wasn't encouraged to read 'Catcher'.

If you don't realize it, with all the deaths right now of our elderly, it's just that time of year where the sedentary nature of winter, and the cold takes a toll on all our bodies, and unfortunately some of them us just give out.

This Teaparty thing, There is a certain amount of it that is populist rage. I don't mean to belittle anyones legitimate gripe about just about anything and everything that goes on, but I would suggest that most of it has to do with not having a job. Then somehow we then have to mix in the exploitation of the politicians, be they Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian.

What is really going on is a return of the John Birch Society. If you don't know your political history, The John Birchers were Lunatics that didn't believe in Fluoridation of water, because it was creating mind control.(I'd grant an argument that there could be long term health effects of fluoridation, but Brainwashing isn't one of them.). BTW I'm now sure some asshole Bircher is going to show up to defend them. Fuck off in advance. To get back to my point, what it required for the crazies to get out of the party, and for the republican party to return to rationalism, was the single most respected conservative William F. Buckley to launch "The National Review" to challenge the lunatics, and get their party back. This is how you will know that republicans are on a solid rise, you should see a new WFBuckly show up, and take on the Glen Becks and Sarah Palin.

Not that I wouldn't shove my dick in Sarah Palin, A gag would be required... and a riding Crop.

But I digress.....

I have some very negative comments about Our president right now, If I break it down to a game of 21. It seems like POTUS just doubled down on a 15. The best thing in the world would be if the midterm elections aren't a BloodBath, maybe with some luck for every 2 democrats lost, republicans lose one....

I realized the last few months, or maybe a year ago that much of my writing is sort of a mix of my favorite Writers. Catch this list, and maybe you will realize why I write the way I do:

Hunter S. Thompson
... If it isn't apparent, I've read everything by Hunter twice, and some of his books I've gone through 3 different copies of the same paperbacks, I wonder if there are some Hardbacks.

I've been reading more fiction, which seems to be loosening up my Muse....

..... and Speaking of a Loose Muse....

Damn, I almost misspelled "loose", the funny part is I pulled it off in loosening, then skrewed it in loose.

Some of you never followed my "in between" blog careerer, there was a period of time where I didn't have anything to blog about, so I spent time doing Soft Core Porn Reviews... Which makes me think, I should start that blog back up again.

Shit! I think I left Charles Bukowski off of my list.

Well, if this was an homage to Salinger.... I'd have to apologize.

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