Friday, January 01, 2010

I'm a Weiner!

Ya, We knew that.

The Great T-Bird!! Has been doing contests, I've avoided them since... What if I win?. And I like a good contest, especially on the computer. Y'all are just fooling yourself, thinking you can win.

So, he announces the time, I was hoping for some kind of riddle, like the Riddle of the Sphinx:

Any time someone talks about a riddle, be ready to say "Man". It's the original Answer to the original Riddle.

No Dice! He asked what his original road bike was. I said, well he twittered it, and I clicked on his name to get all his tweets, then as It was coming up, I remembered that it was from Christmas Day.

Dec 25th, and sure enough A burgundy Peugeot Ventoux.
That is one nice bike especially for 23 years ago.

Which is the year after LaMond couldn't defend because of the shooting accident

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