Sunday, December 06, 2009

There it was...

There it was, for a brief moment I was inspired. My Muse had me Firmly in it's grips as I day dreamed in front of the T.V., this morning.

And then it Slipped Away.

Befuddled, this posed deteriorates into this:

My diet is crazy right now. I seem to be living on oranges and Coffee with EggNog as a Creamer. I'd best take a Multivitamin. But I've been feeling Very good... so don't knock it till you try it.Ok, I get some Soup in there somewhere.

This Book has been torturing me for Months, I'm having Brief glimpses of brilliance, followed by periods of "my life interfering with consistent Meditative Focused Thought, to the point where I want to do that little thing where you place your index finger across and between your lips and make a sound similar to the one Twiggy made on the 1980's buck Rogers. bdbabudabuda...

Truth is before I get into anything but the roughest of drafts, I have got to learn how to write.

I just want to confess, I spent a lot of time sleeping in English Class. Sentence structure on the Written page, makes me confused. I've become a huge fan of just using random Punctuation!!

There is a book somewhere right? and Idiots guide to writing? or Fundamentals of punctuation? Honestly if someone Literate could point me in a direction. I would very much appreciate it.

Well, that is it for"Today in the life of my Colon and other such Ramblings".

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