Saturday, December 05, 2009

No rest for the Wicked

Was it only one week ago that Tiger woods drove his car into a tree and it started a week of Gavel to gavel coverage.

On Fridays, I'm completely exhausted.... in a way you would have no idea. I could catch a nap at about 3pm, but then I'd wake up at like 9pm and then climb the walls till about 9am then fall back asleep. Or I try and drag it out, problem is I tend to just be too exhausted to sleep, either that or it's that last cup of coffee. I fall asleep then wake up at the Great and Productive hour of 3am on saturday morning!!!!

Seriously, I'd fucking Kill to sleep in Until 7 or 8 am.

I of course have decided that all my Tiger news will come from Apple news Daily from Taiwan, who do computer reenactment and have funny sentence structure.

Seems like Tiger is learning a sort of MC hammer lesson, about how there is a point you become a lottery ticket for everyone around him. The Extra Funny part is that aparentley Tiger had a deam about Rachel and her having a 3 some with Derik Jeter and David Boreanez.... Doesn't that seem like a Fantisy she would have, and not him...

I guess it's possible that the Dream was that she had sex with them Separately, but in the mind of the Chinese, these Hollywood types are crazy. It's hard to argue!

Here is the Newest!

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