Friday, December 18, 2009

Health Care

Here is another rant. This is why Health care is important. These are some of the issues that most people are ignorant of.

Let me establish some Facts.

Average health care costs are $12,000 per Family.
  • The cost to an individual, paying out of pocket, for Health care is Between $500-$1000 a MONTH.
  1. For $500 you get Basic Health care, The kind of health care you get when you work somewhere Miserable, and the company you work for just wants to say they have Coverage.
  2. For $250 a month you can get coverage with about $2000 deductible.
  3. For $1000 You get comprehensive coverage, and a minor plan deductible, Congress would call it a Cadillac plan, or the kind of plan Members of the Federal Government get, or People who work for GE, or work for a Union
  • In the next 7 years the cost of Health care is expected to Double.$24,000
  • The middle 33% of the population make GROSS 29,000-66,000 Per household. That is $15,000-$33,000 per person.
  • If you Net out Health care, that is $17,000-$54,000 Per Household IS THE MIDDLE CLASS that is a 300% difference from lower to upper middle class. And think about living on $17,000 per year($8500 per individual) or $1,400 per month or $324 per week, that is enough money to pay bills and own a car YIPEE you are middle Class! Now I'd suggest you are broke.
Now a Story:

About 10 years ago, I wanted to expand my business. once I looked into if I had a chance of clearing another $30,000 to Hire someone else, there was then the other $10,000 to get them health care.

That is 25% of their wage in Health care, which looks to double in the next 10 years. For the past 10 years the reason Wages haven't risen is because Health care HAS DOUBLED. In 10 years there is a chance that half of your compensation will be in health care.

THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE. Most of the economic growth in this country over the past 10 years has been small business, Most of whom just hired workers and didn't provide health care. HEALTH CARE IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON BUSINESS CAN'T EXPAND.


It's holding our economy back, businesses will not be able to keep going on like this, health care an insurance will implode over the next 20 years. But congress doesn't care about small business, what they care about are SPENDING MONEY ON WAR! and Making sure that the SENATOR FROM HARTFORD INSURANCE(Lieberman), and from Blue Cross Blue Shield(Orin hatch). Are taken care of, and that Exxon Is taken Care of. BUT SMALL BUSINESS get FUCKED. It's almost like there is an effort to make sure that my small company, can't compete with the larger ones. In the next 10 years, the only companies able to afford insurance will be companies Like GE and Exxon and fuck you if you work for any company that isn't an international conglomerate, or State or Fed Gov. and you get sick... Bankrupt is what you will be.

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Anonymous said...

You should write this into all major papers. At least the conservative ones- minus the "f-bombs".