Thursday, September 03, 2009

bla bla bal CBIATWT

Tired... not up for a post... I feel good on the bike, though my cleat position is FUCKED UP... Need to work on it... just in time to buy some new shoes!!! LOL.

Decided to do some climbing today. Don't get too excited! no flats in like 50 or 60 miles.. so that is good! The legs were sore...

what is funny is that for 6 warmup miles I feel like crap, then finaly I settle in and things are fine!

Melanie Odin Kicked ass today, definatly a top 10 player... it will take some time for the other players to get her game Dialed in, then we will see how she really does... but she has a "For REAL" game. many of the top womans players got the USOPEN "GO BIG OR GO HOME!" and ended up on the losing end.

Funny how my jokes get sort of spoiled on Twitter... With Odin of the USA and her trying to go through all these russian woman.... I commented "It's like the old 1980's cold war days, only they brought the Sexy!"

It's thursday, and the week has piled up, HAVE to get some of the Lingering shit done tomorrow. Maybe if I get it done I can get a good puke on.... spent the first part of the week doing maintinence instead of getting projects done.... so that is where I am...

What a shit post... oh... up the hill today some MTB caught my wheel... lasted a few minutes and I sort of left him on the dangle... cause I was fucking tired.... Then I kicked the bike into top gear and let it shred!! It was sad actually!... for both of us!

Like I said, felt good for a guy who feels like he is getting kicked all day!

If your managed to read through this whole thing!!! Thank you ... and I'm sorry!!! The 80's thing was good.... It's what I have and it's all there is....

then I came home and i Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!

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