Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have a letter

This is weird... but I guess that is what this blog is for. I lack tolerance these days, it's gone on for abut 5 years. Most of my life I've been passive, Try not to be rude, try and get along.... Just try and be tolerant of people. For the longest time I'd be passive aggressive with people.

At one point I stopped. I umn.. I decided it was time to start insisting on the things I needed. No more punching bag, no more being a person stepped over/on. Well, It was quite a shock to many people and still is. I had a call to go work for and old boss of mine, Numerous times I've said.

"Listen, I have to make good money when I work for you. I can't work for 2 days, then 4 days off, Then back on for 5 days. That is having an employee at will, and you have to pay me more for that, Two to three times more. But if you are willing to commit to 2 weeks or 3 weeks of full time work, that is fine, we can use the usual rate, but i can't make a living wage working 2 days for 4 hours."

This happened 8 months ago, after they had said they understood, and I told them I wouldn't work for them anymore.

a month ago, I worked for them again, With the express promise, that there wasn't going to be "At will" again. A week into it, they pulled us off for a day, I said "You told me this wasn't going to happen, This is bullshit, and I can't make money this way, I clear my schedual and now there isn't any work, and I can't pay bills."
"oh, it won't happen again. we are sorry."
5 days later
"Sorry guys, we are going to have to call you off for a while"
so, I walked away, and when they called me to work again... I didn't return the call. I get a hateful call a while later about what an asshole I am. And I went off.... "listen, how in the hell can I make a living that way, I clear my schedule and suddenly, I'm working part time. In two weeks I clear $700. I can make that kind of money at Mcdonalds or Seven Eleven. I don't have to work outside, I don't have to do any labor, I don't have to have any tools, I don't have to have any skills or equipment. How in the hell can anyone be expected to make a living on that money. I can't afford insurance, or car payments, or house payments, and worse is that I could have been making real money. and you waisted my time.

To which they got all nasty and personal, and literally said that I didn't deserve to make a living... At that point I told them to fuck off, and hung up.

Now 2 months later I have a letter from them.....

As I typed this up, the question was what I should do with it....

I think it gets the Black marker with the word "Return" on it.

the interesting thing... the "about me" thing, is that I've done this a few times in the past 5 years, not literally, but roughly. I've done this in numerous relationships. After saying to people "this has to change." and they just keep it up.. because with out "The stick" people don't respond... but honesty, even with the stick, they just do what they have always done.

Why bother, they will just keep doing it. and plenty of people we allow to be in our lives, aren't actually worth keeping in it..

I guess It's how I see corry Feldman should feel about Haim. (all comes back to the two corrys LOL) But there is no reason for feldman to put up with haim... Haim has to earn it.... You have to earn friendships, Not just take advantage of them. Feldman cared about haim, and was trying to help. Feldman was earning Haims friendship by looking out for his friend.....

but Haim didn't appreciate the work...

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