Thursday, November 04, 2010

You are going to ..... this.

Most likely hate this.

Did you know that the stats for Sexual Abuse are 1 in 3 for woman and 1 in 4 for men. There is a solid chance that I spend a ton of time talking about sexual abuse over the next period of time.

I was talking to someone about what my Girlfriends father did to me. Many years ago, I realized that in order to make it real you have to say it. I was talking and realized that I kept saying that her father was sexually abusive. BTW one should never minimize it by saying "it was just Verbal". It was like her father came in and said "You are a worthless Lazy moron! I wish I never ever saw you", only instead of it being just Verbal Abuse.

It was sexual in nature, which actually makes it Sexual Abuse. It's strange when it happens to you. It's not like a movie or something like that, you are just amazed that it happened. Sure I argued with him, thought he was crazy, etc... but honestly sat there Awestruck!

At the end of this conversation I had, It occurred to me that I hadn't said "He Sexually Abused Her." When what I meant was, He "Sexually Abused me". A physically fit, Healthy Adult Male. This 70 year old Pervert, walked into my life and said all these Inappropriate things.... He Sexually abused me.

So, sure I will never be around him again. I'll never invite him over for coffee. He will never ever meet my family.

Because... Why would I want a Pervert in my life....

One final thing, when a parent abuses a child.... It's always the Parent's fault.

I mean, he has recourse right..... he made his choice... He could.... Not act like a pervert. When faced with that choice between Not acting like a pervert and Acting like one.... he chose the Pervert route.

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