Sunday, November 28, 2010

I guess this requires a post.

... things escalated all week.

Fuck.... I was just sick of holding it in.

I don't know if you have ever dealt with something nebulous. It's just odd when you are like "Why do we have all these problems?"
She says "we don't have any problems"
you say "What? we barely get along anymore"
she says "That is your fault"
You say "Ok, the problems are all my fault... the ones that we don't have?"
you follow up with. "seems like the problems that are all my fault that we don't have, that we keep fighting about... well they are destroying us."
she says "well that is your fault."
You say "ok... my fault, Let's just give it up. I mean, you are fine... Right just find someone better than me. I have all these problems. Move on.... you are better than this."

I wish her so well. I just don't ... I can't do this.... can't pretend nothing is wrong or put my head firmly up my ass... She is a decent person, but it wasn't working and not making any sense.

What did I say at the beginning "Things are going to change, or shit is going to get broke"

Well here is some broken....

Fucking Christmas...

Keep fighting...
Improvise Adapt overcome.

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Jonathan said...

keep fighting!