Sunday, July 11, 2010

hmmm lets see how this goes

There was an argument tonight.

We went to the Jazz fest, and were talking and .... some Light Petting... I SAID LIGHT!! Laying on a blanket. There was a woman in her 80's, escorted by her son. She was headed to the bathroom. I waved at this elderly woman, "Hi"
Woman said the the GF, "Dear, That one is Dangerous"

Now the argument was...

Did the woman say, "Dear, That is dangerous"?
or what I wanted to hear:
"Dear, That one is dangerous"... Referring to me.... because... it feeds my wild and crazy self image...

Another one... I'm into scheduling right now. I told her that I was going to do this weeks schedule of when we would hang out, on Sunday... Because it's both True... and a joke...
This is how funny she is...

She said, "Oh... that is good. The days that you don't schedule us together, I hang out with my other Boyfriends from the social networks."

We have this ongoing joke about cyber sex.

me.... "Sweet.... it's good to hear you are staying busy..."
Her.... "Well, I just call up one of the other Nebulous Cyber Super Hero's from Twitter, when you aren't around"


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