Friday, September 13, 2013


Sitting, pondering, I don't even know what. That is the horrible thing about pondering... sometimes you can't even figure out what it is that you are pondering. I feel broken, 40 years and I sit here. I must be so much of an asshole that nobody wants me. Yet... are you kidding the fucking monsters that find relationships... er victims. And i'm obviously too fucked up there either.  In all of that mess, here I sit, friday night dateless. Don't really like 'going out' really. I like work, I like adventures. Not a woman in reach that I either "should' want to date, or would I date. Where is that good friend, who I'm just overlooking... Where is that obvious woman who I'm just not seeing because it's just too obvious... what I see in the dysfunctional relationships, I don't see in that person so I overlook the relationship. Where is my sweet end to my romantic comedy.

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