Friday, October 18, 2013

Ritual to Intention... while drinking gin.

Well, Time to self medicate with a lovely martini.

I'm really caught up in the rituals of life. I almost feel OCD where 'everything will be fine' if I just perform this ritual. Yet, one needs the ritual of a clean bathroom. My bookshelf really did need to be better organized. My clothing need to be on the proper shelves. Twice a day, a nice cup of tea or breakfast. Sitting pondering.

A ritual of making a martini... a ritual of a cup of tea.. both amazing.. yet sometimes they feel impossible.

  but what wonderful rituals... we need them... Clean bathrooms, clean dishes, clean laundry. These rituals... Rituals that get us through our day. Yet rituals.. habits, habits of the mind are what destroy us. Disciplin. breaking those habits... is what frees us...
   What do I ponder, not pondering. Setting things in motion. Things are quiet now,  I miss days of angry bike riding. Crazy girlfriends and

Work without intention is empty motion.... WTF is intention...

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