Sunday, September 05, 2010


Well... Here it is Some 9 months later, after trying to do Anything I can to Change my life...

Here is the updated.
  • I can't take a decent shower.
  • My Living conditions are Worse
  • I've spent way too much money
  • At this moment I'm as miserable as I've been.... Well this is in the top 5... If not worst. Fantastic.....
  • And the Cherry..... GF broke up with me.
HTFU... I guess. Ten tons of work for nothing.... For Regress!!

I guess I better shut up and get to work.... If i'm lucky in 9 more months of hard work... I can be homeless. They say... when you are stuck in a hole... Stop Digging.. I'm not sure that is going to work, Going back to being a victim in my life...

I guess there were some good times.

If you don't realize why I've been so quiet.... this is why.



Kelly said...

Like you always say, "Keep Fighting!!".

It always helps when you say it to me.

The Mop said...

Thanks Kelly.

I needed that!

Nancy said...

It's hard to remember now but you have done a ton of great things this past year and have changed your life. It's just not going to feel that way for a while. I'm sorry that the GF part didn't work out.

The Mop said...

Well, I haven't had a chance to update, the update. But the relationship thing reversed itself.

Hopefully the On again Off Again thing doesn't continue... Seemed like it was more a panic confusion thing that on again off again.

But... I'd rather keep some stuff between us... it's a bitch to blog your life out.

Nancy said...

True that!